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Technologist / MT - Full Time Evenings

Technologist / MT - Full Time Evenings
NJ - Elizabeth (07202)

Job Description

Provides information for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease by conducting medical laboratory tests, procedures, experiments, and analyses. Perform chemical test on body fluids and tissue and blood from hospital patients. Receive laboratory slips and requisitions. Receive or collect directly from patient specimen such as urine, blood, spinal fluid, and gastric juices. Identify, label and store specimens until needed. Centrifuge specimen to separate cells and sediment from serum or supernatant fluids. Add reagents or solutions to body specimens and heat, filter or agitate solutions. Note appearance, change of color, or resulting precipitate; or examine results by using various in strict instruments or apparatus to identify chemical composition and concentrations and observe process of change. Titrate Specimen samples against standard reagents to make qualitative determinations. Calculate and tabulate results. Perform other qualitative and quantitative tests using various machines and apparatus, note readings of machine registers on worksheets and log them. Examined graph tracings made by machine analyzers to locate or plot test values. Additional job duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology, Biology, Chemistry, or related science; MT (ASCP) certification preferred. Six (6) months to one (1) year related experience and/or training.

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